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ScreeningU consists of multiple courses that take a deeper dive into all things background screening.  Attending all of our courses will give attendees the knowledge that's needed to effectively manage their background screening program.

Screening 101: Master the FCRA Basics
Uncover the essentials of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) with ease. Learn the ins and outs of requesting and using consumer reports to stay compliant and informed.

Screening 201: Tailor Your Screening Packages
Dive into the world of background screening services. Discover the variety available and craft personalized packages that perfectly align with your company's unique needs.

Screening 301: Conquer End-User Compliance
Navigate federal, state, and local compliance forms effortlessly. Get a comprehensive look at end-user obligations, ensuring you stay on top of compliance while considering specific products.

Screening 401: Best Practices for Smart Decisions
Elevate your background screening game with best practices. Explore how consumer reporting agencies create reports and grasp the legal nuances surrounding employment decisions based on criminal records.

Screening 501: Craft Your Winning Screening Policy
Unleash the power of a top-notch Background Screening Policy. Follow Screening University's 12-step process to create an effective policy that sets your company on the path to success.

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