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National Criminal Database
with Alias

This search contains information from US county courts, statewide criminal repositories, as well as sex offender and correctional databases, containing more than 800 million criminal records. This search also includes a social trace to identify counties and name variations of applicants.

Monthly Monitoring

Monitoring solution of the National Criminal Database to notify you if any changes happen on a background check. This is a great solution to reduce risk.


Gain useful insight on your applicant through open ended questions that we can customize for your needs. We can complete professional and personal references.

Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments (BLJ)

Important bankruptcy, liens and judgments data

County Criminal

Search county records to find records such as felonies and misdemeanors.
For best practices, it is our policy to go directly to the source of information to re-verify any results we obtain through the database.

Employment Verification

Past or current employers are contacted to verify the information provided, such as dates of employment, position held and eligibility for rehire.

Drug Testing

With a range of drug screening services offered we can customize a program to fit your needs.

Alliance Identity Solution

Our proprietary solutions assist in verifying personal identity data that will allow organizations to make informed decisions  for facility access quickly and securely.

Statewide Criminal

Search state repositories (where available) for felonies and misdemeanors.

Education Verification

An education verification will verify the information provided by the applicant. This can include dates of attendance, major, degrees earned, and graduation date.

Driving History

Information is retrieved directly from each state's DMV and provides a 3 to 7-year driving history. We can perform driver monitoring based on your needs.

Social Media Searches

Limit your employment risk with AI powered social media background screening. Alliance can identify employees and candidates that have exhibited undesirable behavior by analyzing both text and images from a subject's social media profiles.

Federal Criminal

Federal Criminal searches can be searched on a district or nationwide scope. This searches to see if your candidate appears in any of the federal courts across the US.

Professional License Verification

We contact the issuing state authority to verify license status and confirm the applicant is licensed in their field.


Criminal checks, MVR's, and credit reports can be done in other countries where available

Medical Sanctions and Monitoring

 Examines multiple state and federal sources to assist in the identification of health care providers who may have histories of federal or state-level disciplinary actions or disqualifications, or may otherwise place your organization at increased risk.

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